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Underwater Fashion
Adamo Zucco Swimwear Devil and an Angel Underwater
Cebu, Philippines

China Yoo and Patrycja Poplonska Photographer: Mick Gleissner

"I started knowing more about the underwater world when I was 18 years old. I was invited to be a part of a movie Deep Gold made by Bigfoot Studios as a body double for the lead actress. Having my PADI basic course finished, being underwater is like getting into another world but to my surprise that other world has a lot more to offer."

"Mick Gleissner, the movie director, is also an amazing underwater photographer introduced me to a whole different realm of modeling. I was then place into Bigfoot Underwater Studio for training every morning for breath holding, I did well holding my breath for 3 mins and a half after two weeks of training and then had my first underwater photograph taken in the ocean. A little out of the world experience having to model wherein I don't see anything, hear anything. I dont even breathe and all i had in mind that time was to trust the photographer and myself to make an epic creation with the variables involve. And so we did."

"After 7 years, I went back to Bigfoot Studios and became a resident talent. I still have the feeling that Underwater Modeling is a craft I would want to master. I took another PADI certification and made a great amount of effort learning techniques I haven't learn the first round. Trained furthur and did amazing shoots with out of the world concepts underwater. Afterwards, I started training other models to this amazing experience having it gone through myself and it was a joy sharing what I know and passing it forward."

"From a supermodel's point of view, being underwater gave me a sense of freedom artistically in expressing a beauty without gravity. it's one of the greatest achievements I've done in my life and as dangerous as it may seem. I'm forever thankful for Mick Gleissner for trusting me to do well and watch me flourish like a nymph and a mermaid underwater just by being me."

CHINA YOO, International Model and Actress from Philippines.
Miss Chinese Cosmos st 2009 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You have seen her on many billboards and magazines... FashionTV, Prada, Sony, Ericsson just a few...u may name it... Height: 5' 9" Weight: 112 lbs Measurements: 34-25-36 Shoe size: 8.5 Hair color: Black Hair length: Very Long Eye color: Dark Brown Skin color: mid white to olive skin complexion. ...
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