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Esther Nash talks about her new book "Exposed"

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I decided to publish "Exposed" to bare my true rock star both literally and figuratively. This book represents a period of time, a presentation of my Baby Doll/Sugar Daddy line of Rock Star Apparel, and my jewelry line. Photographed by an all star elite group of fashion photographers. All one of a kind unique originals modeled by me.

It is my belief that the body is a work of art and should be recognized in that light. With this book I bare myself to help support and promote art and my fellow artists. A portion of the proceeds from Exposed will be donated to the Townhouse Art Gallery. The Gallery helps emerging artists to share their art.

Growing up, I trained to be a gymnast, figure skater, tap dancer, ballerina, model and actor. These concentrations developed my body, sense of balance, grace, poise, discipline, endurance made me highly self-critical of my appearance, raised my awareness of my body, its performance and its health.

Being an athlete with an eye on the Olympics developed my strength to be disciplined in all aspects of life. For example, I do not eat sugar. I do not drink coffee or soda. I do not eat bread. I do not smoke. I take vitamins daily. I floss my teeth after every meal. I practice yoga. I do not take good health for granted.

I have had many many dates who are upset I refuse to break bread with them before a meal and decline to share dessert with them after but it is not personal against them. They have no discipline. They say they go to the gym, but I know they don't. They tell me I have an incredible body and beautiful soft skin. They don't believe it is real. They ask if I had plastic surgery or liposuction. It is difficult for them to accept that I am all natural. In fact I used to be vegetarian/vegan until my doctor recently advised to include meat, poultry, fish and dairy.

Men ask me, Why am I single? or they say they can't believe I am single. The best answer I have is that I always strive to be the best I can be even when it means I push past my limits. I probably would be best matched with an Olympian. Someone who would appreciate me and would have similar every day diet and exercise routines. I have not met the best match as of yet, they have come close. My search is not over am not a quitter. I need to meet someone who understands and shares my motto "sparkle and shine like the super star you are. Be seen and remembered." I hope to meet the man that shares my philosophy on life. This book challenged me to take everything a step further and I feel stronger and more independent.

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My mother always found time to take me to theater, dance, ballet classical music and opera performances at Lincoln Center, City Center and Carnegie Hall as a child and young teen. It made me aware that there was another alternative universe in which artists supported themselves as artists. I am eternally grateful to my mother for the opportunities and time that she gave me to find my art and myself.

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Esther Nash: New York based fashion designer, model, socialite & fashion expert, is the epitome of a chick on a quest. The fashion world's former prodigy is all grown up. At the age of 18, Esther owned and operated her first retail store. At the age of 19, opened a second store, and at the age of 20, opened a third store. By the age of 21, Esther was having her own runway shows, thereby reaching the rank of a young professional designer. Ms. Nash's fashions have been featured on the long running hit HBO series Sex and the City, and her last runway show (she has had over 2 dozen) was notably attended by Vogue's Editor in Chief Anna Wintour... You may find about fashion expert/fashion designer Esther Nash at www.esthernash.com for your media&fashion projects as well as personal shoping/styling advice. enashdesigner@gmail.com

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Photo credits: Ron Michaels. Makeup by Jerry Lopez.
Jewelry: Esther Nash Collection
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