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"Jillian Ann" CONFESS EP - OUT NOW ...
"So I must Confess, I have been a very good or bad girl depending on your perspective!"

I guess it's been a while since my last official email and a lot has been going on in the last few years. I left New York, went to San Francisco, joined a band and toured the country then moved to LA, got a manager who introduced me to one of his clients, Bruce Somers of the cult industrial band kidneythieves and we made some amazing new music together. I have been a fan of theirs since their first album and loved the Queen of the Damned soundtrack they worked on and since people already think I'm a vampire this should seal it.

With a new sound, I needed a new video which got me into all sorts of trouble with everyone as it seems its controversial. Fuse TV wanted to use it but they needed a lot of edits to cut out the sexy parts, now I know how Katy Perry felt, I guess I won't be on Sesame street anytime soon either, so you can only see the video "Confess" on my site for now. As this was going on, many of my friends remixed the tracks which opened the door to a lot of other opportunities.

So I must Confess, I have been a very good or bad girl depending on your perspective. Please check out my site, let me know what you think about the new sound and the video, I am going back in to do a lot more work and your opinions mean a lot.

You can buy stuff, like my older albums and new tracks on the site as well, more of your hard earned cash goes into my pocket if you buy it there rather than Itunes and as a self funded indie artist, every bit helps.

Confess video as an exclusive part of the download, sold separately on iTunes. It was produced by Bruce Somers, the Co founder of The Kidneythieves and he brings a heavier quality to the track while still keeping the Electronica sound which I have been developing. In addition to the original version, I was fortunate to get a vast collection of alternate interpretations that expand the musical journey, crossing many genres from dubstep, idm, glitch, drum & bass, trance and other creative blends from a roster of extremely talented artist including Auditory Canvas, Robert Vadney, DJ Vapour, Henry Strange, David Kira, and many others, all opening doors into different electronic musical worlds.

You can Listen and Buy Music Here : http://www.JillianAnn.com

Jillian Los Angeles, California
Height: 5'8", Measurements: 34-24-34, Hair Color:Black, Eye Color: Green, Shoe size: 8 "Life in Motion", "Nintendo Commercial", "Once Upon A Time In New York" Her last album release generated more then 50 million search requests on the P2P networks, and her 2007 album release promises to establish her as one of the 21st Century's most Innovative acts." - Bravo Entertainment

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