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Bertini heumegni,born october 22 1972, in douala republic of cameroon west africa above the equator bertini is a model accom-pliShed actor and tv 15mn of fame celeBritY. growing up in douala- cameroon africa, bertini dream was always to be in the Unied States of America.his mother died on his young age 10years old. bertini took life as a four ways to be able to accomplish his dreams.the struggle in the street of de city hustling in order to pay his school fees. 29 brothers and sisters, he realised that education WAS the ultimate ways to archieve your goals and dreams.Fininished my high school diploma then travelled to paris to follow up the education.Became model in paris and this took him to south africa . he lives and south africa for 7 years where he did all the fashion local magasines and runnways.was once MR CLIFTON BEACH in 1997. got a contrat with a major agency in new york city which he moved to the states in year 2000, millienium to celebrate in dream come true.lLiving in new york challenging city where he tried to push some fashion gigs here and there.(see portfolio).Eventually the walk of fame gave him a ways of a television show "THE AMERICA NEXT TOP MODEL) on UPN9 was his first america Tv show that gave him 15MN of fame.IN new york he learnt that you dont put your eggs on one basket ,he decided to be a PERSONAL TRAINER for one of the prominent gym in new york city (NEW YORK SPORTS CLUB).Where fitness and health is the concern of member and he is on that members ecpectations. what make him unique is his african believe of traditions, african black with hazzle green eyes.proud parent with two lovely (twin)kids danielle 15, athletic and patrick 15, football player.My dream never finished until i become a superstar or my kids become superstar. LIVE IS A JOURNEY OF DREAM THAT NEVER STOP UNTIL YOU DIED. GOD BLESS AFRICA AND AMERICA

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