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Dundalk model hosts television interviews

By Heather Perlberg

Seven months after her move to Los Angeles, Dundalk native Julie Meise is already hosting television interviews from the red carpet and modeling in major fashion shows.

Meise ventured to L.A. to advance her modeling career but hoped to break into the world of acting. Her weeks are filled going to casting calls and coffee shops, as well as modeling and hosting for Real TV.

“I love [hosting] because it’s all improv,” Meise said. “You only have a minute or two with each person. I’d been modeling since like [age] 16 and I guess I just needed something else.”

On the red carpet, Meise, 22, has interviewed celebrities ranging from Adam Carolla to Robin Wright Penn.

She has hosted interviews at various award shows, including the Alma, Emmy and Academy awards. Meise also presented an award for Best Country Album at the San Diego Music Awards show.

Though the Dundalk High School graduate was initially working at a Santa Monica spa to supplement her income, she was given too many hours and missed many casting calls. “I had to make the decision to leave,” Meise said.

The tricky thing is, the money comes and goes so quickly. So many people are struggling. Some people are just living out of their cars. It’s hard to have a steady job when you go to casting calls. ... You have to fork out money for the marketing.”

Another career expense is acting lessons with Dennis LaValle, a coach referred to Meise by her representation, CESD talent agency, she said. “I definitely want to be a substantial actress. I don’t want to just say I’m doing it,” said Meise, who has acted in a few short independent films.

The former Tyler Road resident makes an appearance in two new music videos, one for “City Won’t Sleep” with British singer/songwriter Steve Appleton and the other for “Halfway Gone” with Lifehouse. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction of coyrighted materials is strictly prohibited.

Meise said she plans to continue television hosting so she can get more experience in front of the camera and exposure in the entertainment industry. And though she is transitioning away from just modeling, she has not left the field entirely.

During Los Angeles Fashion Week, Meise modeled in several shows, including one for well-known designer Roberto Cavalli.

She said she recently did a book cover for a vampire series coming out soon and was shot by photographer Michael Bernard for a coffee table book.

Eventually she wants to act in feature films and other projects, but more immediately Meise hopes to continue television hosting with RealTV and land a spot with E Entertainment.

“I’m happy,” Meise said. Los Angeles has “not been what I thought, though. It’s been way harder. ... The acting will take a little bit longer, which is OK, because I want to be really good.”

Meise said she plans to return to Baltimore at the end of the month to shoot the cover of Baltimore magazine’s January issue.

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