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Interview with Fashion Designer Esther Nash by exolimited.com
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1.   Can  you tell us a little about yourself, who is Esther Nash?

Answer:  A 4th generation New Yorker known as a celebrity fashion expert, socialite,
fashion host, and Model. Signed with Ikon Model Management
celebrity division.  Been featured in over 300 publications nationally and internationally. 
Listed as a celebrity on www.wireimage.com,
www.gettyimages.com, www.patrickmcmullan.com, www.corbis.com and many other
celebrity sites and society event pages. You can find me attending charity
events and fashion events.

I have received from the NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art; t he NYC Art
students League Scholarship. And the National academy of Design Scholarship
many Academic Scholarships for my outstanding artistic achievement and
talent As well as Cooper Union Portfolio intensive summer program. A
graduate of the most prestigious Art schools in NYC such as the High school
of art and design and the Fashion institute of Technology, state university.

I consider myself an extremely driven perfectionist at the beginning stage
of my professional design career. I am very young.

3.   What inspired you to become a fashion designer?

Answer: I love art and Beauty, Style, fashion and color. I was born with
natural talent and I want to share my talent with the world. I have already
had 2 art gallery presentations in Soho and in Chelsea of my fashion art
work. I am planning on a third Fashion Art Presentation for 2010-2011.
Expect an invite.

Where was your first job?

Answer:  I volunteered at the JCC teaching art to youngsters.  I recently
Graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a professional
degree in Fashion Design.

How did get involved in the Industry?

Answer:  My Mother has a Masters degree in fine art. I was raised as if the
Museum of Modern Art was my second home along with the Metropolitan Museum,
Natural History Museum, Jewish museum and Guggenheim Museum.

4.       Describe yourself using only up to 3 words.
Creative, Unique and

5.       Who is your favorite designer and why?

ANSWER: Betsey Johnson. Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney. They are all
individuals and think outside the box just like I do.

6.       Tell us about your designs. What is your fashion mantra and where
can we purchase your clothing line?

ANSWER: My fashion Mantra is “Be seen and be Remembered!  Make the
impression of a lifetime the first time with your Esther Nash design.
Sparkle and shine like the superstar that you are!”

It is important for people to have no regrets when looking back on what
they wore to their awards ceremony, red carpet event the Oscars, Emmys,
Tonys and the Espees , New Years Eve on The Dick Clark Show.  MTV Music
Awards. No reason to end up in the worst dressed flash pages in the tabloids
when you can breathe easy in your Esther Nash design and maybe wind up in
your best dressed flash pages if you play your cards right.

7.       Your clothing line has appeared in Sex and the City, How did you
manage that?

ANSWER: That is top secret. I will give you a hint, when you are talented
they find you. My designs you may have also seen on Playboy TV, a few shows
on MTV, VH1, Gossip girl and ugly Betty.

8.       What fashion faux faux pas drives you crazy?

ANSWER: Many people I believe suffer from color blindness to some degree and
therefore the combinations can be awful. That is why it is important to hire
a stylist, personal shopper so you can save yourself from disaster leave it
to the educated professional in the fashion industry to steer you in the
right direction.

What is the biggest challenge you faced trying to make it in the fashion

ANSWER: Monetary funding for my line. I hope in the near future investors
will come forward with capital for my line. Talent is the most important but
I have learned so is funding you need both to really make it.

9.       What advice can you give to the Greek American-Community that
wishes to take a similar career path to yours?

ANSWER:  Never let go of your dreams or you will always look back regret in
years to come if you do not attempt at making your dreams and goals come
true. You only live once and it is now or never. If you have to work 5
minimal jobs at a time to make your dream a reality just continue to create
and seek greatness.  Do not be afraid of being alone you must sacrifice if
you want to accomplish greatness and be very disciplined. You may have to
say goodbye to friends, family and significant other.  You can’t have
everything so you must choose wisely.

10.   Have you ever strutted down the catwalk during fashion week?

ANSWER: Absolutely. I even walked down the Runway for Anna Winter in one of
my shows. My most recent fashion shows you may have seen on TV and remember
my designs from The Chocolate; a world known charity which selects designers
and pastry chefs to create a fashion design of 60% chocolate and 40% fabric.
To have been selected was a huge honor.  I was invited to show my designs at
Scottsdale Arizona fashion week and BK Fashion Weekend.  Saint Charles
fashion week has invited me back for next season.

Ever worked with any other Latin designers?

ANSWER: I have not yet had the opportunity or the pleasure but am looking
forward to it in the near future.  I always walk in my shows as well as
Shelly, my lovely sister. Shelly is my secret weapon not only does she serve
as my Publicist, but she is also my in house counsel.  Interested parties
may contact IKON Model Management or my publicist to book me for future
shows as a celebrity or a fashion host.

13.   The economic environment has painfully turned many former
fashionistas into “recesstionistas”. Your “Recession Collection” Tells me
that probably have some frugal fashion tips and secrets to share with us.

Where do you shop?

ANSWER:  Since I am able to create my own designs from scratch. I just start
from ground zero and end up with an original Esther Nash creation. I design
jewelry, hair accessories, sportswear, rock star glam wear, resort wear,
Knitwear, swim wear and hats.

Only thing I have not yet mastered is making shoes. So instead I engage in
shopping destination travel. I follow the sales in different states and
countries. No particular store. The key is just make sure you have an outfit
to match the shoes forget comfort when it comes to style and footwear.

Fashion tips.

ANSWER: You can never go wrong with vintage clothes or accessories try to
select classic lines that you are able to work into your wardrobe. You will
be fine till the Recession is over if you take my advice. Trust me I am a
fashion designer.  Raid your Mothers, Grand Mothers and great Grand Mothers
closets. What is family for but to help accessorize you?  If you have good
friends if possible try to swap clothes with them. It is important when you
are making friends select girls that are about your size. It is important
also to be nice to your sister because if you are not she will not let you
borrow anything.  Also always make sure whatever you borrow is cleaned and
pressed when you return it, so she will let you borrow something else down
the road.

There are a few essential items that every young lady needs in her closet a
cocktail dress, dressy shorts, skirt; blazer, clutch bag, Platform wedge
heels, pumps, or dressy flats are a must. Try not to wear all black it will
make you look older and date your age. Wear bright colors and try to be as
feminine as possible. I never leave home without jewelry must always wear
earrings and some type of delicate jewelry even if you are just going to the
gym. It is important to wear a bracelet, necklace, watch and earrings. It
will make all the difference from a plain Jane to a Diva. It is also
conversation starter. I promise. Try to select earth tones and mix in bright
colors with them.  If you want more fashion tips keep your ears and eyes
open in the near future for my first fashion book.

14. Over the past few years, ultra-thin models have been banned from several
catwalks and many fashion designers have received harsh scrutiny for showing
emaciated looking girls. What are your thoughts?

ANSWER:     I think models should be healthy. Some models are
naturally thin. I do not like to force models to lose or gain weight. Health
is number one. I believe in exercise and eating healthy everyday and my
models I have had the pleasure of working with have similar common life
style as I or aim to be healthier.

15. How do you stay so thin and beautiful? What is your diet consist of?

ANSWER: I eat a Greek diet rich with vegetables, yogurts, fruits, cheeses
and grilled fish, Lots of water with lemon. Olive oil and lemon and lime on
my fish and salad. Fresh Garlic, fresh pepper and onions are a must for me.
Also green tea and honey after my meals and have fresh fruit and cheese for
dessert as a treat.

16. Controversy sells. What controversial about you?

ANSWER: I am a child prodigy from New York. I am one of youngest fashion
designers to ever show at New York fashion week. I am also known as a
stylist, fashion designer, socialite and trend setter in NYC, Miami, LA, St
Charles, Scottsdale Arizona and Japan.

17. What are you working on next season? You have accomplished so much at such a
young age, what is next?

ANSWER:  Showing my new line of Rock Star Glam Wear; preparing for my role
as a Fashion Host for a popular cable station, meeting with Film directors,
finishing my autobiography and first line of Fashion Self Help books,
raising funds for my Not- for- Profit Organization (Art Gallery For Youth),
planning to open a line of Cafes, Lounges and Boutiques, meeting with my
other celeb socialite and Olympic Medal recipient friends to contribute face
time for Charity.   My P.R Gal Shelly and IKON Model Management have huge
plans for me on becoming a house hold name. I am looking forward to my
follow up interview with your magazine to share more.

I am creating a new line of accessories inspired by my sister Shelly Nash.
She is always 24/7/365 and requires styles and accessories that are dual and
multi-purpose but at the same time very attractive.

I have been invited to have another meet and greet at more exclusive
boutiques. . Lots of excitement and more events to come and Neo magazine
will be there so stay tuned in.

For more info for updates join my “in list” at www.ESTHERNASH.com

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