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All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction of coyrighted materials is strictly prohibited. An interview with Esther Nash
about her book: Townhouse Art Gallery

The Townhouse Art Gallery Inc. is a not for profit corporation created to provide a platform for emerging artists of the world to showcase their art in group receptions and exhibits.

The exterior of the gallery is muralled from ground to roof.The interior of the art gallery, also designed and curated by Esther Nash, incorporates color and space with the intent to stir excitement among the art show attendees.

"The gallery has a lot to do with my personality to make an impression and to stand out. This comes from my background of being a fashion designer, athlete, actress and model. Most people want to blend, but I have always wanted to stand out." Most galleries display art against white walls. Townhouse gallery displays art against black walls to increase the focus on the art.

The gallery represents a range of artists from classical fine art to abstract. From self-taught to those with extensive art education. One requirement is real talent.

The gallery is a masterpiece in itself, the colors and emotions come through and you do not need to be an artist to feel the emotions or mood swings an artist goes through while creating a work of art.

From efforts made to create the mural collaborations with artists, curating the exhibits, learning how to and making frames, performing carpentry, masonry, floor sanding,repair, hosting the shows and greeting guests has helped me to grow both personally and professionally.

I feel glad I dedicated over eight years of my time because although the gallery is still a work in progress I turned a dream into a reality. I have a lot more to learn about the art world. I know I did a lot of things wrong, but I tried and no one did it for me. I read books. I went to the library. I discussed ideas. Yes a bunch of my ideas were stolen. Experience means everything. I am grateful for this experience. Now I know not to repeat the same mistakes.I will try not to be as trusting as i was but it does not mean i won't try I will try again and continue. Trial and error.

The gallery has exhibited the work of over 500 artists in these past 8 years. I would say that artists are the most special people one will ever meet. They have so much to offer, share and say.

Artists are very spiritual, creative, emotional people who help make the world a better more beautiful place. Townhouse recognizes artists for the being inspirational and positive with their art.

This gallery was a creation for my Mother. A gift for her in a way. Her generation fought for equal rights and the opportunity to go to school and receive equal pay in the work force. My mother is a very talented and gifted artist who placed her dreams on hold because she placed supporting her family first. I wanted to make one of her dreams come true because I was lucky enough to have been born with talent and she did not want me to place it on the side a back burner like she had to.

In my opinion, women give up more then men. Seems to me that women have more heartache. Women have to be strong and sacrifice to overcome hardship. Women are under pressure to marry and then to start a family.

Nothing has ever come easily to me, but all the hard work and money I invested was worth the outcome because each artist that was showcased I was so proud of. I was proud of them and for myself that I was apart of their journey to success that show meant everything to them and everything to me.

I am a perfectionist- always trying to improve daily and I expect the same the artists I represented. I believe its important to challenge yourself and push yourself that much harder. I pushed them because they had to verbalize there art in artists statement and describe art and name each work in series. Thats takes a lot from within and bravery.

There were many obstacles all along, but I learned from early each think big. maybe you do not have a big bank roll but to not give up its possible to make things happen with a limited budget. I am very resourceful, creative and tenacious.

Luckily, I found very creative artists that believed in my vision and joined me in the creative process. We all sweated, argued, tried to mediate to make sure the show happened and was on schedule. The show must always go on. Thats from my acting background. I Had back and fourth disagreements.

A lot of artists walked out on me because they did not agree with me and thats ok, there are many art dealers, art agents, art curators, art directors and they will find the right one to represent them.

Most of my artists tried to make each group reception better. I encouraged the artists to learn how to make their own frames and save money work on cardboard instead of canvas work with found objects. As an artist anything and everything can be your canvas- its up to you. It depends if you are a sculptur you can work with anything, but you need to decide your medium. Not for someone to tell you how to think. You need to be true to yourself first.

Being a fashion designer, I placed an emphasis on packaging because in the fashion industry- packaging is half the battle. Being an athlete stressed performance and not give up try harder. As a model -I was taught -appearance is everything.

My mother said something to me as a child that stuck with me. I will share this with you because I found it to be so helpful. If someone throws out something its because it is useless. It is broken. If I can see or find another use for it I am a true artist. I have always tried to be resourceful, creative, flexible, imaginative, innovative and have vision and foresight.

Not to take things for granted and make it work even if its nearly impossible. No wait for someone else, but to do it myself. I have trusted wrong people been cheated few to many times but I will bounce back. life is experience and I am experiencing good bad and the ugly but I have grown and more to go.

I still have issues with throwing out anything so unless I exhausted all possibilities -I do not give up. I refuse to throw out something and instead figure out and find a way to salvage it. I always try to find another purpose so it won't be wasted. This thinking process I owe to my Mother.

Among many talented artists, seasoned artist Dina Nash and I have permanent exhibitions at theTownhouse Art Gallery. You are welcome to purchase the book, donate time or money to our cause, as well as submit to have your art in a future group shows.

Artist = Artist to me means winner!

The TownHouse Art Gallery is a not for profit 501-C-3 corporation created to provide to all Youth with an opportunity to develop and showcase their art work in a gallery to encourage art both as a career path and as a creative outlet. All types of art mediums presented such as design, fashion, film, photography, video, performance art, sculptur, painting, life drawing, pop art, conceptual art, audio art, and other visual art mediums. The gallery is located at The gallery is 46 4th ave Bklyn ny 11217. For more information and calendar: www.townhouseartgallery.com

Artist credits: Esther Nash and Dina Nash
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