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Charmain Moritz       Charmain Moritz 's Portfolio

How long have you been training for?
3 years

How many days a week do you train?
5 days

What is your favourite body part to train?
Shoulders and biceps

What is your least favourite body part to train?

Who inspires you?
My friends, and my family, Riley's Gym members and the local eagles baseball team, my soccer team mates. Fitpole instructors, belly dancers and my fiancé Warren and my beautiful daughter Telena Who or what motivates you?
Myself, seeing the size that my jeans use to be and seeing the size they are now! That always helps keep me focused!

To stay healthy, get my cert 4 and personal training happening, and to get a placing at the Toronto FAME World titles next June for "Sports Model". When these next few goals are achieved I would like to sit back and help as many ladies out there as I can. As I know that issues with weights and building confidence can be hard to regain!

What advice can you give someone who is looking at competing?
Day by day if that is to hard, take it hour by hour. Focus on the small steps of getting where you want to go and what you want to achieve.

Credits: Riley's Gym, Sydney, Australia; Australian Sports Nutrition

Training Style and Tips:
I love to train slow and intense you could say it's like a meditation but more painful. I train each day with one muscle group

sun   fit pole (come to a class to see what it is about)
mon   quads and abs
tues   chest
wed   hamstrings and calves
thurs   back and glutes
fri   shoulders bi tri
sat   stretching for 1.5 hours