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"I'm inspired by everything - people, places, music, and there is so much more to do, that I sometimes wonder if I have become obsessed with this industry"

Adolfo Sanchez takes you on a journey to a world of freedom where women dare to be strong and different. The collections consist of different experiences and inspirations that he has encountered in his life. With that said take a look at his collections and know that every garment was created with a lot of time and care. "I spend so much time on my garments, that the thought of selling them is sometimes difficult for me to imagine," admits Sanchez. Understanding how saturated the fashion world has become, he shows people that he is unique and so are his creations. Sanchez knows that to stay ahead he has to constantly search for new ideas and challenges.

The career of Adolfo Sanchez started in 2006, when he decided to take his creativity and begin a women's ready to wear line. "I would have never thought that I would have ended up in this industry, but it just feels so right that I know it was meant to be," comments the young designer. After just a couple years he has been featured in countless magazines and has had the great opportunity of working with a lot of amazing people. As his line grows more and more each season you can also see him grow along with it. From starting out as mostly advant garde couture, he has grown his business to include accessories, and ready to wear as well. (more info at: www.adolfosanchezdesigns.com)

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