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When did you become a model?
August 2005

How did you get started in modeling?
Well, I was born in NYC but raised in Miami. There, I was attending Florida Atlantic University and was studying to become a veterinarian. After three years I lost interest in this field (though I still love animals) as well as losing interest in the whole idea of a 9-pm job and societies “conformed” lifestyle. So, I packed my bags and left Miami back to NYC. I love attention, the camera, the potential money and recognition in the crazy field of entertainment. I love the non-stability as I am one to get bored quickly.

How has your life changed after you involved?
Wow, I changed rapidly and grew quickly as I still am now. I learned about life, people and reality a lot more than when I was locked in my dorm room and my biggest issues were passing my next exam.

What is your favorite part about being a model?
As I mentioned earlier, I can honesly say that I live for the camera and I love attention. I am actually an actress too. It is a lot of hard work, but I love the hustle as much as when I accomplish something I am aspiring for.

What are your likes and dislikes about modeling?
I have a lot fo likes such as the control I have, there is no one “boss” making choices for me, I am “self-employed.” I am not too fond however, of the “fakers” in the industry. The men who only promise you the world with the high price of hitting the casting couch. I do not like stuck up models and I do not like dishonesty.

What are the qualities for you to be model?
Physically, it depends on the kind of modeling you are pursuing. However, noyone is able to model if that's what they want to do and their heart, head, mind, body and soul are in it. You can not let anyone tell you otherwise. It's drive , timing and luck and no one can bring you down unless you allow them to.

Who are your influences?
Haha believe in or not my uncle is a BIG influence. He's nuts, born and raised in the city, he was a musician for years, still is and told me, “Dina, your young, get up and do what you want, it's a tough business so hustle your little a** off.”

What was the hardest challenge for you?
Well, I do not come from “money” so, financially it is rough having to support myself without working a regular job. I have to live off of whatever jobs I booked until the next job comes around and keep striving until I get the bigger and better modeling and acting gigs

What types of assignments are you attracted most?
I love any modeling job where I am treated fairly and with respect. I love an environment where everyone on set is fun and efficient at the same time. I love everything from fashion to beauty, lifestyle to print ads

What are your most memorable modeling experiences? It could be good or bad...
Most recently I did an ad fro Sty'li-Style cosmetics…A lot of fun and the team was great, but it was two 24 hour days of shooting and I don't think I have ever worked so long in my life. I had to wear a tiny little sleeves dress in Times Square and it was FREEZING that night…I must have been blue, but they can Photoshop that out lol.

All rights reserved. Unauthorized use or reproduction of coyrighted materials is strictly prohibited. What would bring a smile to your face?
Booking a HUGE ad on a billboard or popular magazine so that my parents can see it, they get so proud and I love the look on my moms face when she see's me becoming successful.

What projects are you currently working on?
Right now I am continuing a film called “Angle's Blade:The Ascension” starring Corbin Bernsen. We will also be shooting two more films in which I am in talks with. Most recently I shot a short film for NYFA and I am playing the role of Molly in a remake of Ghost for The Academy of Film in Los Angeles.

What are your plans now?
Model and Act-Try to attend as many open calls, auditions, castings as possible. I recently signed with an agent for commercials and print so I will see what I can book through her as well.

What would be your "dream job" in life?
I want to be a VERY successful award winning actress in both or either TV and Film. I mean, when you are a famous actor you can model and endorse products all day J

What are your goals in terms of being a model?
In with this year I want to book at least 2 large campaigns

Tell a little secret about yourself that no-one knows …
HAHA I am almost sure everyone knows my little secrets being that I am a pretty open person, but one thing is for sure. I am addicted to sugar, can not get enough sweets. I could prob skip dinner and go straight to desert everynight.

What's the best advice ever given to you?
As cliché' as it may be, never give up….keep going, continue the climb because it may only be one more step to the summit, you never know.

What are some Do's and Don'ts in the business that you have learned?
Do not listen to what any one “says” they will do for you until they have actually done it, talk is oh so cheap people. Also, DO NOT tell people, friends or family about a job you booked UNTIL you are done shooting and the check or proof is in your hands. You may get very disappointed if you are hired for a job and tell the world and then two days later get a call that is was cancelled.

What sort of tips or advice would you give somebody who is looking to modeling?
You don't have to pay for pics when you start. There are a lot of Photogs who will shoot TFCD/TFP. Also, just because 100 agencies turn you down, don't stop, keep building your book and than re-submit and eventually the agents that said no will be chasing you down..

Is there anything else, to say, we did not ask?
Thank you . We've enjoyed talking to you.

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