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Misha Zubarev
New York, NY. USA.   

Height: 6”1 ½
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Suite: 40L
Waist: 32
Inseam: 34
Shoes: 11 ½

Photo credits:
Troy Simon, Josh Black,
Jen Rawlins, David Armaan, David Gabel,
Anthony Rugnetta, Alex Bortnik

Video credits:
Liz Seymour, Misha Zubarev
YouTube, LLC


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Misha Zubarev
Filmmaker, director, writer, producer and model

Misha Zubarev is a filmmaker, director, writer, producer and model who has been actively working in television and film production for over 8 years doing it all; from editing, videography, and film continuity, to production coordinating, production managing, and production assisting. He fell into directing by chance during late summer of 2007, and he has been successfully doing it ever since! In December 2008 his producer has notified him that he directed two Award-Winning TV shows which recieved two AVA Awards, a Platinum and Gold. One of his short films has also received a Best Original Score award from WestFEST short film festival in 2005.

Misha currently works as a freelance director for various companies and organizations. One such company is Everest Productions Corporation, a prestigious TV studio in Central New Jersey. Everest Productions has received over two dozen Telly, AVA, and other awards. The company has also produced over 1000 hours of programming over the past two years. He also directs a web mini-series for Stonestreet studios, an NYU Conservatory that is a part of Tisch School of the Arts.

Misha has been highlighted in MovieMaker Magazine, In Focus Philadelphia, as a Philadelphia Filmmaker in Fall '06 & Fall '08. He has also served as curator for the hotINK 2008 & 2009 International Festival of Play Reads in New York City, and he is on the Film Committee of the Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival.

The Wisdom Tree
Season 1 Episode 4 - "Mother-in-law"
PLATINUM- AVA Awards ('08)

The Wisdom Tree
Season 1 Episode 6 - "Seed"
GOLD - AVA Awards ('08)

Short film
BEST ORIGINAL SCORE - WestFEST film festival ('05)

1. "Wisdom Tree"
Season 1 (Fall '08) [complete]
Season 2 (Winter '08) [complete],
Season 3 (Spring '09) in development],
Everest Production Corporation, EBRU TV
2. "47th Floor", Webisode series, StoneStreet Studios, Summer / Fall 2008
3. "Jewish Identity Theft", AISH, Short film, September 2008
4. "Bamboo" & "Silos", SharEHR / United Medical Records [Industrial Video], August 2008
5. “American Actor” pilot, New Century Television, December 2007
6. “Wisdom Tree” pilot, Ebru TV, July/August 2007
7. “MembershipBIDS” TV 30-sec spot, 2006
8. “Propper Bros” TV 30-second spot, 2005

“About Angels, etc.” short film, 2006 [producer/editor/filmmaker]
"Journey", mixed media, 2006 [producer/editor]
“Loneliness” short film, 2004/05 [director/producer/editor/filmmaker]
“Four Funny Families” feature film, 2004 [producer/editor/filmmaker]

"Taylor The Latte Boy" music video, Lead/Taylor, 2008
Pfaltzgraff, Simone Assoc., Print, 2008
Bayer CropScience, Sales Rep, Print 2008
Great Bridal Expo, Nat’l tour Runway Model, Spring 2008
Maelan Magazine, Featured Model, Fall 2008
"Seven Layer Dip”, Maryland Lottery, Voiceover, November 2007
“Little Wieners”, Maryland Lottery, Voiceover, November 2007
Great Bridal Expo, Nat’l tour Runway Model, Fall 2007
Normandy Farm Fashion Show, Runway Model, Spring 2007
Four Funny Families, Treplev, 2004